Agate, Pearls, and Black Onyx Necklace (4032)

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Agate, Pearls, and Black Onyx Necklace

Origin: China

Size: 17 inches

Product Type: One of Multiple

Cultured Freshwater Pearls are farmed in China in brackish water along the coastline. They are produced using freshwater mussels, which can produce up to 25 pearls inside a single shell.

The blue, banded Agate pendant on this one-of-a-kind piece has a great array of colors from light greyish blue to dark blue which contrasts very well with the Black Onyx arranged with the dark brass colored pearls. Altogether this necklace has a very sophisticated look!

Agates are thought to be grounding, stabilizing stones that are ideal for emotional, physical and mental balance. Together with Black Onyx, which is thought to be an emotionally strengthening stone, they make a great pair for stability.

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