Polished Selenite Stones (1 pc)

Silver Cove Ltd

  • $4.00

Polished Selenite Stones

Origin: Pakistan

Size: 25-30mm

Product Type: One of Multiple

Selenite is a variety of the mineral, Gypsum. It is composed of Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word for 'moon'.

These pieces are all hand polished and have great clarity and lustre. They are individually wrapped in cellophane for transport, as Selenite is a softer stone than others. They are often carried as worry stones, used in Home Décor, and are popular for energy workers. 

Selenite is thought to bring clarity to the mind, shields a person from outside influences, and dispels negative energy. Selenite alongside Black Tourmaline is often used in gridding a home, space, or property. 

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