Sunstone 1 lb portion

Silver Cove Ltd

  • $100.00

Sunstone Tumbled

Origin: India

Size: 15mm-35mm

Weight: 1 lb portion

Product Type: One of Multiple

Sunstone is a orange gemstone from India. It is a variety of Feldspar, related to Moonstone and Labradorite. It is a softer stone hugely popular on the world market. 

These Sunstone pieces are all hand polished and oiled for transport, to discourage marring on the surface of the stones. We recommend a mild washing of soap and water once they arrive at your location.

Sunstone is thought to be a joyful, light-inspiring stone. It is traditionally linked to benevolent gods, good luck and good fortune. Emotionally it is an antidepressant that helps lift dark moods and seasonal affective disorder. 

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