Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Silver Cove Ltd

  • $10.00

Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Origin: Made in Alberta

Size: 7 1/4 inches

Product Type: One of Multiple

Tiger's Eye is a brown and yellow banded metamorphic rock with beautiful chatoyancy. 

The stones in these bracelets come from South Africa, and were set in Alberta Canada. They are elastic based and stretch on and off the wrist, no clasps or metals. They show beautifully on the wrist, and complement most skin tones and outfits. 

Tiger's Eye is believed to be a combination of the energy of the sun and the earth. It was traditionally carried as a talisman for protection against ill wishes and curses. It is thought to bring out a persons integrity and helps to recognize bot the needs of ones self and others. Tiger's Eye is often recommended for issues of self-worth, self-criticism, and blocked creativity.  

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed. You will receive a bracelet similar to those in the listing. 

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